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The implemented solution: AURORA VR

INGIMEC, an engineering company specializing in the manufacture of customized industrial machinery, faced the challenge of improving the validation of their projects and providing their clients with an immersive vision of their products prior to manufacture. To achieve this, they decided to incorporate Virtual Reality technology into their design and validation processes.

The company chose to use Aurora, our Virtual Reality application that allowed them to design and visualize their projects in 3D, providing a realistic and fully immersive experience for both them and their customers. Within their processes, Aurora facilitates design validations, allowing them to detect errors and make improvements to their products before they are manufactured, which speeds up the validation process and reduces the number of subsequent modifications.

It is also a way of presenting projects to their customers in a highly immersive way, giving them the advantage of being able to make improvements and changes to the design before it is manufactured. This experience allows them to identify possible areas or details that do not fit and achieve a more effective end product, thus reducing customer satisfaction with the final product.


INGIMEC is a leading engineering company with more than 15 years of experience in the market, specialized in the manufacturing of customized industrial machinery. Its team of 35 highly skilled professionals is distributed in different key areas, such as mechanical engineering, automatisms, software, assemblies, and installations.

The company exports more than 50% of its products to European countries, in addition to having a solid presence in the Mexican and Argentinean markets. INGIMEC has established itself as a leading company in the integration of robotic lines and artificial vision, offering automated solutions for a wide variety of industrial processes.

¿What does INGIMEC need?

INGIMEC needed to improve the efficiency of their validation processes and offer their customers a more realistic and complete view of their products prior to manufacturing. The integration of Aurora allowed them to perform real-time cuts, visualize components in detail and evaluate the ergonomics and accessibility of machines, which gave them more guarantees of success in manufacturing from the first attempt.


More efficient validation: Incorporating Virtual Reality into the validation process allowed INGIMEC to detect errors and make improvements to its designs prior to manufacturing. This resulted in a more efficient and less costly process, as subsequent modifications were avoided.

An immersive experience for customers: Thanks to Virtual Reality technology, INGIMEC's customers were able to experience an immersive view of their products prior to manufacturing. This allowed them to make changes and adjustments in the conceptual phase of the design, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and greater precision in the final manufacturing.

Ergonomics and accessibility testing: With Virtual Reality, INGIMEC was able to perform ergonomics testing and evaluate the accessibility of the machines in a more accurate and detailed manner. This allowed them to optimize the design for greater efficiency and comfort in the use and maintenance of the machines.

Reduced costs and production times: By detecting and correcting potential problems before manufacturing, INGIMEC was able to reduce costs associated with errors and rework, as well as shorten production times. This allowed them to deliver high-quality products more quickly and efficiently.

Client feedback
"Virtual Reality is the present. For our part and from our experience, we would recommend its use to all types of companies, because the cost-benefit advantages are very optimal. We are clear that it is no longer an option, these technologies must be incorporated in all types of companies to be competitive and remain in the market".

David Torres, CEO and Co-Founder of INGIMEC

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