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Aurora VR

The implemented solution: AURORA VR

Thanks to Aurora VR, TMI can present the 3D model of the machine in Virtual Reality to the customer before manufacturing it. This allows the customer to see the accessibility of the machine, all aspects related to ergonomics, access points, maintenance adjustment, among others.

About TMI

TMI is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of complete packaging lines, which consist of dosing equipment, bagging equipment, palletizing equipment and stretch wrapping equipment. It has a very clear objective to offer customized solutions to its customers.

What does TMI need?

The challenge TMI posed to us was that, thanks to Virtual Reality, they could improve the design development phase of their machines. So that, through the use of Virtual Reality or VR glasses, their R&D team could preview the 3D prototypes of their machines, and TMI could present them to their customers before manufacturing them.

It was not an easy task, since this company offers the highest quality standards to its customers and has several lines of machinery, including dosing, bagging, palletizing, overpacking and weighing equipment. As can be seen in the video, they manufacture very different machines, with the added challenge of providing customized solutions for each of their customers.


At TMI, when they are in the development phase of new prototypes, the 3D design tools they use allow them to see the machine in detail, but are insufficient when they are in the customer validation phase. Thanks to Aurora VR, these technical aspects bring a very high value to the technical solution during the validation process, and they obtain very high customer satisfaction.

Another benefit that TMI has found internally is that Aurora VR also helps assembly technicians to assess which parts to pre-assemble and which to assemble before or after.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality give the customer control over the manufacturing of their machinery.
  • Boosts advertising and sales actions.
  • Optimizes user training.
Customer feedback
From TMI, we contacted Invelon and we were able to send them the 3D model, which in this case was a bagging machine and they quickly generated a space where they put the machine and gave us the opportunity to check it. They proposed everything on the table and prepared everything very quickly. When we sent them the 3D, we had it ready in a week and the modifications in a couple of days, and they were always available to follow up on the project. The experience has been 100% satisfactory and we are happy to repeat.

Anna Bernaus, Project Manager at TMI

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