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In Rotecna's design department, they need to prototype their projects constantly and therefore, they came to collapse their 3D printer, as it needs its time. To accelerate their research, they decided to take a step forward and bet on the Virtual Reality system and the Aurora VR solution that allows them to import 3D models, inspect the ergonomics and accelerate the validation of the "time to market".


Rotecna designs, manufactures and markets equipment products for pig farms, such as intelligent feeding systems and manure recovery treatments.

Rotecna helps pig farmers around the world to produce healthy animals with the highest welfare in the most efficient, sustainable, and profitable way. Continuous evolution and investment in new products and ever more innovative and efficient solutions, such as Virtual Reality, are required to further increase their customers' profitability.

What does ROTECNA need?

This Virtual Reality success story was born with the objective of streamlining the client's product design process. Rotecna needed to create a safe testing environment where to test and inspect the full-size models with a series of specific tools. On the other hand, it was also necessary to create an option that would allow the study of the product's functionality on the farms themselves, simulating the assembly site.

To this end, we created a Virtual Reality system tailored to their needs to perform these tasks, with the intention of facilitating the right decision-making. The virtual visualization of the product integrated in a real space allows checking the situation and, consequently, to make the best decisions for the final assembly and manufacturing of each product.

Thanks to INVELON's solutions in the field of Virtual Reality for design departments, we created a product with which the client is able to render its models in three dimensions and integrate them into Virtual Reality scenarios. This allows Rotecna to have a realistic 360º perspective on what the final result of each part will be and the possible uses and improvements that can be made to it.


The Aurora VR solution allows them to examine their products in real size and inspect them with a series of specific tools for a more in-depth study. They can also simulate their assembly site on the farm and thus place themselves in an almost real space in which to make better decisions, such as the most optimal location for assembly and for the animal.

In conclusion, this solution helps them to be more efficient by enhancing their intuition, detecting possible errors in advance, agility in the design process, cost reduction, among others.

Customer feedback
From the beginning, it was clear to us that this system would be a benefit for us. Our company is committed to innovation (which is what differentiates us in our market) and the field to discover new challenges and solutions, is to have powerful tools to go beyond what we could imagine so far. Virtual reality opens up a world where the material and the virtual merge to enhance our knowledge and carry out new challenges with the efficiency that our company needs. Our recommendation is therefore clear and our advice is that companies should move to another level in terms of new technologies to optimize their resources, enhance their competitiveness and therefore, obtain better benefits.

Octavi Saura, designer at Rotecna

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